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Our Framing

As you can see, our standard framing for tongue and groove structures is much stronger and thicker than almost any competitor’s. Our sheds are much stronger as a result, and last much longer, holding their shape and form for many, many years. All timber is planed, therefore, the 47mm is an approximate, as is the 27mm. Allowance of 3mm is widely accepted within the industry.

Competition Framing

Almost all of our competitors use thin framing as a standard as it makes it easier for them to sell cheap lower quality sheds. Here at Littleport Timber Buildings, we believe that you get what you pay for; go cheap, go weak.

  • Our Roofs
  • Our Roofs
  • Our Roofs

Our Roofs

Here at Littleport Timber Buildings, all of our roof framing is equal to the shed framing, which means that if you have 2x2 walls, we’ll make a 2x2 frame roof. All roofs we create are strong enough for our installers to walk along when applying the felt. Of course, we do advise that you don’t climb on them after installation. This strength prevents sag, and helps the shed to maintain its shape for a long period of time.

Competition Roofs

Almost all do-it-yourself kits come with a single support running down the centre of the roof. Instructions that come with the kit advise you not to climb onto the roof to tack the felt, too. Most roofs will curve inwards immediately, and many sag quickly. Poor quality roofs will not protect your tools for very long.

When We Leave

All of our products are delivered and installed free of charge. Once we’ve left, you’ll see a complete working product and will have the ability to walk in and around the shed, ensuring that everything is as it should be. Our installations are carried out at a time that suits you, and we only take payments on completion of the project.

When the Competition Leaves

Other companies offer a delivery service with optional installations, then charge for the installation. If you choose not to install, your product will arrive in a similar fashion to the shed pictured. You then have the problem of finding the time to build it yourself. Feedback from many people has been that there are missing parts, pieces have been damaged, and poor instructions have been provided. Many companies refuse responsibility and blame customers for errors; you’re usually liable once you’ve signed off on delivery.

Before Making a Decision

Before you decide on a shed, make sure you take a look through our checklist.

Does the Price Include the Shed Being Treated?

Some companies advertise their sheds as ‘£250, bargain!’ Or is it? You may end up with a shed that hasn’t been treated, and other issues. Always ensure you know what you’re getting for your money!

Do You Require It to Be Erected? Is This Extra?

Again, some companies supply only at the prices advertised, charging up to £155 to erect it for you. This takes the seemingly cheap shed into a whole new price bracket. Our prices include the erection of your shed.

Is the Wood Thick Enough to Last?

Don’t be fooled by pictures of sheds that look strong at a low price, somewhere there will be text explaining that your shed won’t be to the standard shown. Ask about framing thickness.

Does the Price Include a Floor?

Not all prices include a floor. In fact, some companies charge extra for anything they can. The cheap advert price may increase quickly when you have added all the “extras”, which we consider as standard. Make sure you know what you’re getting.

Do the Windows Come with Glass?

It is always worth checking to see if glass is included in the price as a few companies don’t supply or fit glass. Also, ask about acrylic as an alternative if you have children. We supply and fit both to suit your needs along with optional toughened , Laminated and double glazing

How Tall Are You? Is Eve Height an Issue?

Eve height is the lowest point of an apex roof; the sides. If it is 5’ 4”, most people would bump their heads. Some are less than this based on the size of the shed. Our standard eve height is 6 foot.

Which Way Does the Door Open?

Having the option to choose the side the hinges are located avoids awkward entry to your shed. When ordering, always think about how the door can open best and how this can effect placement.

How Wide Is the Door?

Door width is easily overlooked. Do you have a wide lawnmower or bench you wish to put inside your shed? Always ask if you’re unsure. We make everything custom to your needs.

Are You a “That’ll Do” Person?

If you are looking for a cheap shed to last a year, with no worries about quality or durability, or if you don’t have any specific requirements, you can easily obtain something cheap. However, be aware of what you buy and always be specific; it’s your hard-earned cash you’re spending, so have it your way.

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